Why You Must Stop Using Microsoft Works

Are you still using Microsoft Works for word processing, spreadsheets or databases?

If you’re using Microsoft Works you must stop using it. Not Today. Not now. YESTERDAY.

That’s because Microsoft Works was phased out five years ago and there are some major compatibility issues which will make it impossible to open your Works files on newer PCs with the latest versions of Microsoft Office.

So what do you do?

Open every single Works file you have — Word processing file, spreadsheet, database, etc and then use SAVE AS to save that file as either a Word Document (.DOC), an Excel spreadsheet (.XLS) or Access database (.MDB).

Then start using Office — any version of Office — so you maintain full access to all of your files and your work with an eye on the future.

Works is a dinosaur on the brink of total extinction. It’s time to say goodbye to this Dodo bird and step into the future with Microsoft Office.

Remember – you want to do this YESTERDAY.

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