How To Restore a Norton 360 Backup Made On Another Computer.

A Free Christmas Gift!
Here it is – My Christmas gift to you.

Can’t restore using Norton 360? Read on for the answer! You may call it a genuine Christmas miracle!

Two days ago a client called me in a panic because she could not restore a Norton 360 backup made on her old (and dead) PC on her new PC.

Calls to Symantec did not help. A supposed Symantec “super tech” logged on to her computer and finally admitted he could not get that old Norton 360 backup restored on her new PC.

When I got to the client’s computer and took a shot at it I immediately
saw how perplexing this problem was. Norton 360 simply could not, did not and would not recognize that old backup and, what was worse, there was no way to tell Norton 360 where the old backup was so it could be restored.

This is nothing less than a very bad flaw in how Norton 360 was designed. I mean – c’mon – didn’t even a single member of the Norton 360 backup design team ever stop and consider how a user would recover from a crashed PC if Norton 360 could not be directed to a location where the backup set is?

Yet that’s exactly what the problem is when one tries to restore a Norton 360 backup made on another computer.

Ironically, it’s one-click simple to restore a Norton 360 backup that was made on the same computer. That’s some small consolation anyway.

Googling around brought more bad news: nobody has been able to figure out how to do this. Forum posts from frustrated users were warning people not to buy Norton 360 as others lambasted Symantec tech support for being unable to help people use one of the most important features imaginable in Norton 360; restoring N360 backup files!

What’s the answer? Since you can’t bring Norton 360 to the backup you want to restore we must bring the backup to Norton 360 instead! It’s an elegant solution for its simplicity. One of those beautiful workarounds you only hear about once in a great while.

Without further ado here is the super-simple workaround that I know will make a lot of people happy this Christmas day:

1) Install Norton 360 on the computer you wish to restore the backup to. Make sure you define at least one backup set on Norton 360 so the default location for backups is set. As you will see this is critical to our success.

2) Locate the backup set you want to restore. Such backups are normally stored in a folder called “N360_Backup” and in that folder will be one or more sub-folders that will contain your backup(s). The sub-folder will have an oddball name like {D5431GF etc. The N360_Backup folder is probably going to be on an external hard drive as was the case with me. The default location is C:N360_Backup (which is ludicrous – isn’t the point of a backup to have a safe copy of your files in a place OTHER than your computer?). If your old computer bit the dust you’ll need to remove the old hard drive and mount it on your new computer.

2) Copy or move the folder containing the backup set to your N360_Backup folder NOTE – NOT the N360_Backup folder itself – you need to copy/move one or more of the sub folders with the oddball names to the default location for backup sets on your new computer (Again – this is usually C:N360_Backup

3) From your main Norton 360 screen click on Backup then select Restore. The backup you just moved/copied will not appear. Click [refresh] and within seconds – like magic – the backup set you want to restore will appear!

4) Select that backup set and restore it as you wish (to the original location, another location, etc.)

Voila! You can now restore a Norton 360 backup made on your old computer to any location you want on your new computer.

Note to Symantec – If you need a new Vice President of Technical Support or EVP of Product Development I’m available on a non-exclusive basis.

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